Himalaya Cystone 60 capsules
Himalaya Cystone 60 capsules
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Himalaya Cystone 60 capsules

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It manages the production and composition of urine, thereby balancing its pH, which is often a cause for UTI’s and the burning sensation while emptying your bladder.

Cystone works by managing the concentration of calcium salts in the blood, which contributes to the formation of stones, and aids in breaking them down and expelling them from the body. It does this by acting on the mucin, the sticky substance which binds the particles together to form stones.

Cystone naturally increases the excretion of excess water from the body, thereby increasing urine production and reducing bloating. This reduces the chances of you catching repeat urinary infections.
As it is made of natural ingredients based on Ayurveda. Cystone does not exhibit any side effects as long as the recommended dose and use are not exceeded.